SMART Shield®

SMART Shield®

Wireless HACCP Thermocouple

The SMART Shield is a low cost wireless Type K Thermocouple designed for recording temperatures throughout the flow of food: Receiving, Preparation, Cooking, Holding, Serving and Cooling. The SMART Shield is perfectly suited for all food service type accounts.

Smart Shield Flow of Food Smart Shield Corrective Actions Smart Shield Flow of Food Smart Shield Item Selection Smart Shield User Selection


  • Menu items are automatically sent from the SMART Command Center® Website to the SMART Shield® via SMART Link®
  • Provides corrective actions at the time temperatures are taken outside the acceptable temperature range of the item
  • Food temperature information is automatically sent wirelessly to the SMART Command Center® for instant viewing
  • Eliminates paper logs, saves labor hours, and data can be viewed in real time
  • Can hold up to 300 daily menu items