Q: Is SMART Temps compatible with my existing network?
A: Our system uses pass-through network technology, which gives you the option to use a dedicated line or share a current line. Once setup is complete, there is no need for any maintenance from your IT Department. Smart Temps will handle everything from installing the equipment to making sure it is functioning properly.

Q: Does the data provided by SMART Temps® meet regulatory standards?
A: Yes. All temperature data meets HACCP and JCAHO Compliance standards. You will always have accurate reports without the need to keep tedious, time-consuming, handwritten logs.

Q: Is my data secure?
A: Absolutely. You'll be assigned a username and password, which allows you to log in to our Command Center to review the data for the equipment you oversee.

Q: Is the data viewable via my smart phone?
A: Yes. Via our free SMART Touch Mobile Web site anyone with an Internet-enabled iOS (e.g. iPad, iPhone) or Android device can manage every aspect of their SMART Temps system.

Q: How does SMART Temps® fit into my budget?
A: SMART Temps® is a great choice because the investment you make in the system can ultimately help you save on other costs in the long run. With accurate, continuous readings, you can better analyze equipment performance and address maintenance issues before they become a much larger problem, and before they result in costly and potentially dangerous effects to food and other items.

Q: Do I need to install the system myself?
A: No. We'll take care of all installation for you, and test the system to be sure it's working properly. We'll also teach you how to view data online. If you ever need support or have a question about your system, you can simply give us a call and we'll be there to help.