As a Food Service Director, you know all about the day-to-day challenges of serving delicious, safe, and nutritious meals to hundreds of students. From stocking the kitchen and preparing food to maintaining rigorous reporting standards, you and your staff have an enormous workload. Increasing demands on your time and budgets make it hard to handle everything alone. SMART Temps® can help.

SMART Guard®

A wireless thermometer for automatic temperature monitoring of cold and hot equipment.

  • Monitors cold/hot storage equipment 24/7/365
  • Identifies potential equipment maintenance issues
  • Saves money by reducing costly, unnecessary, and weekend maintenance calls
  • Sends alerts via email, text, or phone if temperatures are not in the proper range
  • Allows each piece of equipment to be set up with specific alert parameters and actions

SMART Shield®

A wireless handheld thermocouple used to take food temperatures throughout the flow of food: receiving, preparation, cooking, holding, serving, and cooling.

  • Automatically downloads food menu items daily from the Command Center Web site
  • Integrates with both CBORD Group's NetMenu® and Foodservice Suite®
  • Confirms and documents critical temperature limits and prompts immediate corrective actions when these limits fall below, or exceed, the acceptable temperature range

SMART Shield® Pro

A touchscreen Android™ device with a custom SMART Shield® Pro Application, and an option for a Bluetooth wireless temperature probe.

  • All the capabilities of our SMART Shield® with automatic downloading of menu items, user information, task lists, and inspection forms via our SMART Command Center® Website.
  • This unit may be taken from site to site and can be used as a verification device and inspection tool.

All products provide accurate, real-time temperature documentation that meets all HACCP reporting standards via a secure wireless network to the SMART Command Center® Website

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