Markets are offering more and more 'ready to eat' options in the deli, salad bar, and hot food areas, as well as, an the ever increasing amount of refrigerated/frozen items. For these reasons, temperature management is crucial for food quality and safety for your customers. SMART Temps® can help in all these areas.

SMART Guard®

A wireless thermometer for automatic temperature monitoring of cold and hot equipment.

  • Monitors cold/hot storage equipment 24/7/365
  • Identifies potential equipment maintenance issues
  • Saves money by reducing costly, unnecessary, and weekend maintenance calls
  • Sends alerts via email, text, or phone if temperatures are not in the proper range
  • Allows each piece of equipment to be set up with specific alert parameters and actions
  • Onboard memory eliminates potential lost or missed temperatures due to network or power failure

SMART Shield®

A wireless handheld thermocouple used to take food temperatures throughout the flow of food: receiving, preparation, cooking, holding, serving, and cooling.

  • Automatically downloads food menu items daily from the Command Center Web site
  • Confirms and documents critical temperature limits and prompts immediate corrective actions when these limits fall below, or exceed, the acceptable temperature range

SMART Shield® Pro

A touchscreen Android™ device with a custom SMART Shield® Pro Application, and an option for a Bluetooth wireless temperature probe.

  • All the capabilities of our SMART Shield® with automatic downloading of menu items, user information, task lists, and inspection forms via our SMART Command Center® Website.
  • This unit may be taken from site to site and can be used as a verification device and inspection tool.

All products provide accurate, real-time temperature documentation that meets all HACCP reporting standards via a secure wireless network to the SMART Command Center® Website

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