The SMART Temps Temperature Management System relies on a comprehensive system of proprietary hardware and cloud-based data storage to provide accurate, round-the-clock temperature logging. The system includes products designed to monitor coolers, freezers, or any equipment where temperature control is critical, as well as, the flow-of-food and HACCP Compliance Tools. The SMART Guard® monitors coolers and freezers, while our SMART Shield® and SMART Shield® Pro assist in the flow-of-food and HACCP Compliance.

The SMART Guard and SMART Shield use a custom gateway, the SMART Link, which creates a proprietary wireless network. This network links to our SMART Command Center® Website, which automatically monitors, manages, and stores all critical data from all sites/locations. The SMART Command Center is accessible 24/7/365 and will send a text, email, or call you if a potential problem is detected. You can access the SMART Command Center from anywhere in the world using your secure username and password from any internet connected device.

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